B to B Services-Social Media, Websites, Etc.


Help small businesses separate themselves from their competition with a strong digital strategy! Bring to these business owners a strategy for their mobile and social marketing and email. A startegy to syncrenize all to work a maximum effort to increase their business! We all know most small businesses can't afford to have people on staff that can do all these things weekly for them. This opportunity can help you provide a team of prfessionals that can deliver graphic artistry, writing and tech expertise! By owning this franchise you deliver "up to date" and attractive websites, Twitter and Face Book presence as well as other opportunities like Instagram and Pinterest! This is where the small business needs to spend their money to promote their business. If they do not....they will not be able to compete! This means a short life! Be where the business focus is! Learn more about this unique opportunity so you can invest in a business opportunity that will be on the forefront and in demand for quite a long time!

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Primary Industry: Advertising and Marketing
Industry Segment: Advertising and Marketing
Business Description: B to B Sevices-Social Media, Websites, Etc.
General Location: Fairfield County, CT
Selling Price: $20,000
Inventory Included: N/A
Gross Revenue: N/A
Equipment Included: N/A
Sellers Disc Earnings: N/A
Real Estate Included: N/A
Can Be Relocated?: N/A
Is this a Franchise?: N/A
Home Based Business?: N/A

Name: Vincent A. Basso
Company: Basso Associates,LLC
Address 1: P.O. Box 16761
City: Stamford
State: Connecticut
Zip: 06905
Country: United States
Email: basster52@aol.com
Phone: 203-968-2855
Fax: 203-329-1737

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Basso Associates, LLC.

P.O. Box 16761

Stamford, Ct 06905

(203) 968-2855    (203) 329-1737 FAX

info @ bassoassociates.com